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Zen Studios Holiday Update Launches a Whopping 7 New Tables for Pinball FX

I've been looking forward to this update for a while. After rolling out a bunch of new horror-themed tables through its new Pinball M platform a week or so ago, today Zen Studios rolled out a whopping nine new tables for its main Pinball FX platform.

The new tables include:

1) Star Trek Pinball

2) Star Trek Discovery Pinball

3) Star Trek Deep Space Nine Pinball

4) Gloomhaven Pinball

5) Terraforming Mars Pinball

6) Exploding Kittens Pinball

7) Charlie Brown Christmas Pinball

That's a lot of new stuff! A smart person would probably wait for these tables to eventually go on sale, but knowing me I'll going to buy them all today and play them on my new Steam Deck tonight 😂

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09 déc. 2023

2 more tables you missed.


It's great seeing new content and all, but I just want to know where are all the other tables. Where are the Williams tables and the original tables like Tesla? I've been waiting to download these tables for pinball fx on the Nintendo switch. It's like they were forgotten about or just fell off the earth.

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