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After a 25 Year Absence, Atari is Returning to Arcades With its "Recharged" Series of Games

This site is definitely more heavily weighted towards pinball than arcade games. It's not that I don't love arcade games, I do, particularly the classics. It's just that most of the new commercial arcade machines these days are redemption games which don't interest me much anymore.

Today, we have a big announcement on the arcade front from the resurgent Atari and a company called Alan-1, Inc. For those of you who aren't familiar with Alan-1, it released its first commercial arcade game, Avian Knights, not that long ago. Avian Knights is a cool take on the classic arcade game Joust.

The two companies have agreed to produce "at least ten" different machines based on Atari's "Recharged" series of games that it has been releasing over the past couple of years to arcades in full-sized commercial cabinets.

The Recharged series of games from Atari are new versions of some of the company's most iconic games that it has published for PC and home consoles. So far Atari has ten Recharged games based upon classics like, Missile Command, Centipede, Asteroids and a bunch more. I own every single one of them on my Steam Deck and I actually play them a ton, chasing high scores and achievements. Most of them are really well done and probably would lend themselves really well to the commercial arcade environment.

The first of the Atari Recharged arcade cabinets is currently scheduled to be released in Q3 2024.

Hat tip to Arcade Heroes and the arcade news site Time Extension for bringing this story to my attention.

Pictures of Alan-1's Avian Knights Machines

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Are those fans next to the joysticks?

15 de mar.
Respondendo a

I think so. The press release said something about the cabinets having knockers, fans and shakers for interactivity.

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