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ALAN-1 Begins Taking Pre-Orders for Atari Asteroids Recharged Arcade Cabinets; Announces Pricing

Yesterday, ALAN-1, manufacturer of the new Atari Asteroids Recharged arcade cabinets officially began taking pre-orders for the 2- and 3-Player cabinets. That means that we know pricing now.

The 2-Player cabinet is priced at $6,499 and the 3-Player machine is $12,999. ALAN-1 requires a $1,000 deposit on pre-orders. The machines are expected to begin shipping during Q3 2024. Below are links to the pre-order pages.

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2 opmerkingen

My God...WHO is going to buy these games at this pricing? Certainly not a homeowner!

Reageren op

given that the game is already available on home systems, im sure theyre aiming for arcades like Dave and Busters type places

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