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Last year a drone and pinball enthusiast named Eddie Codel got an exclusive invitation to check out the massive pinball storage warehouse for Almeda California's Pacific Pinball Museum. The resulting footage and pictures are absolutely incredible.

Here's a link to an article that contains the actual drone footage from the day. It's a MUST SEE:

Incredible Drone Footage of Thousands of Pinball Machines at the Pacific Pinball Museum Annex

Beyond this mind-boggling storage area, the Pacific Pinball Museum currently has the following pinball machines on location for the public to play:

Willy Wonka 2019 Jersey Jack

Ghost Busters 2017 Stern

Spot Lite 1951 Bally

Humpty Dumpty 1946 Gottlieb

Queen of Hearts 1952 Gottlieb

Slugfest 1952 Williams

Crossroads 1952 Gottlieb History

Space Ship 1961 Williams

Jumbo 1954 Gottlieb

Big Ben 1954 Williams

Shangri-La 1967 Williams

Buckaroo 1965 Gottlieb

Apollo 1967 Williams

Reserve 1961

Sing Along 1967 Gottlieb

Magic Circle 1965 Bally

On Beam 1969 Bally

2001 1971 Gottlieb

Big Valley 1970 Bally

Fireball 1972 Bally

Gulfstream 1973 Williams

Super-Flite 1974 Williams

Play Wizard! 1975 Bally

El Dorado 1975 Gottlieb

Space Odyssey 1976 Williams

4 Square 1971 Gottlieb

Capt. Fantastic 1976 Bally

Spirit of "76 1976 Gottlieb

Roto Pool 1958 Gottlieb

Slick Chick 1963 Gottlieb

Kings & Queens 1965 Gottlieb

Pot O Gold 1965 Williams

A Go Go 1966 Williams

Double Up 1970 Bally

Dogies 1968 Bally

OXO 1973 Williams

Mini Zag 1968 Bally

Paddock 1969 Williams

Stardust 1971 Williams

Miss O 1969 Williams

Surfers 1967 Bally

Pro Football 1973 Gottlieb

Power Play 1978 Bally

Volley 1976 Bally

Harlem Globetrotters 1979 Bally

Surf Champ 1976 Gottlieb

Upper Deck 1973 Williams

Freedom - Clear Pinball Game 1975 Bally

Frank Thomas' Big Hurt 1995 Premier

Four Million B.C. 1971 Bally

Evel Knievel 1977 Bally

Eight Ball Deluxe 1980 Bally

Black Knight 1980 Williams

Time Line 1980 Gottlieb

Centaur 1981 Bally

Flash Gordon 1981 Bally

Galaxy 1981 Stern

Black Pyramid 1984 Bally

Pin-Bot 1986 Williams

Embryon 1981 Bally

Black Knight 2000 1989 Williams

Funhouse 1990 Williams

Fish Tales 1992 Williams

Creature From the Black Lagoon (3D) 1992 Bally

Addams Family 1992 Bally

Bram Stoker's Dracula 1993 Williams

Twilight Zone 1993 Bally

Star Wars 2017 Stern

Theatre of Magic 1995 Bally

Medieval Madness 1997 Williams

Champion Pub 1998 Midway

Fish Tales 1992 Williams

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean 2006 Stern

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2008 Stern

Tron 2011 Stern

Iron Man 2010 Stern

Metallica 2013 Stern

Jungle Lord 1981 Williams

Doctor Who 1992 Midway

The Getaway: High Speed II 1992 Williams

Fire! 1987 Williams

Apollo 13 1995 Sega

Gorgar 1979 Williams

Seawitch 1980 Stern

Cyclone 1988 Williams

Star Wars (Episode One) 1999 Williams

Revenge From Mars 1999 Bally Midway

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 Williams

The Hobbit 2016 Jersey Jack

Whoa, now that's some list. If you ever find yourself near San Francisco California, the Pacific Pinball Museum is a great stop.

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