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American Pinball is Not Currently Working on Wrath of Olympus + Big Trouble in Little China VP

There's been rumors on and off over the years that American Pinball (AP) was going to produce the well-known small run pinball machine by Riot! Pinball called Wrath of Olympus (WOOLY). The rumors make a lot of sense, first and foremost American Pinball manufactured a significant number of Riot! Pinball's Legends of Valhalla game. Furthermore, American Pinball actually registered for a trademark for Wrath of Olympus pinball in January 2021.

Having said that, much like a number of other pinball themes that AP has filed trademarks for over the years, such as Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Valkyries and Poker Run (which later became Hot Wheels), the Company has allowed its trademark for Wrath of Olympus pinball to expire in May 2022. From that, one could logically conclude that we won't see Wrath of Olympus from AP anytime soon. In my opinion, that's too bad. While I have never personally played WOOLY, I've always thought that its layout looked pretty cool. Below are several pictures and a video of WOOLY so that you can judge for yourself. What do you think? Would you like to see this pin mass produced?

If you think that the WOOLY layout is cool, you can actually sort of play it in virtual pinball right now. Last year, someone created a Big Trouble in Little China virtual table using the WOOLY layout and some really cool art (thanks to Steve New on the heads up about this one). I've included some pics and video of that neat-looking virtual pin below as well.

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