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American Pinball Shares Second Teaser Video for Upcoming Game Galactic Tank Force

This morning American Pinball shared a second teaser video for its much anticipated new pinball machine, Galactic Tank Force (embedded below).

As a reminder, Galactic Tank force is a game that the famous pinball designer Dennis Nordman has been working on for quite some time. He brought the concept with him when he was hired by American Pinball. The game now features cool retro-futuristic style art from the renowned industry artist Christopher Franchi. It stars Kerri Hoskins, who is probably best known for her work as Sonya blade in the classic arcade game Mortal Kombat 3. Kerri also appeared in a couple of other Midway Games classics such as the Aerosmith-themed arcade shooter Revolution X and the iconic NBA Jam. The cast also features Jeff Hoover and Mitchell Pollitt.

No word yet on when the game's official reveal will be, but we're likely to see it at the upcoming Texas Pinball Festival, which takes place in Frisco, Texas from March 24th though the 26th. AP is scheduled to have the first seminar at TPF on Friday night. If the game hasn't been officially unveiled by then, that's when it will happen, likely followed by a playable game or games put out on the show floor.

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Mar 04, 2023

I have a good feeling about this drop' ...this might bring me into the AP world..As a composer, this music is VERY good..hopefully this trailer music is a sample from the game..very well done.

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