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RUMOR: Aimtron Corporation is Looking for a Buyer for American Pinball

Earlier today right at the tail end of a great episode of the Pinball Party Podcast, the show's guest host dropped a breaking news bomb. According to Cale Hernandez, he received a text during the recording of the show that Aimtron, the parent company of American Pinball is "looking for a buyer" for the pinball division.

Whoa, if true that's quite a scoop. Cale is well plugged in within the pinball hobby through his position at the Electric Bat Arcade in Tempe, Arizona and the vast number of people that he knows so if he says something, I usually believe him.

Kudos to Jason, the podcast's main host, for the great episode.

Pinball Party Podcast

Episode: "Jersey Jack is Awesome"

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