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Barrels of Fun Labyrinth is Now on Available to Play at 7 Public Arcades

Barrels of Fun's hot new pinball machine Labyrinth is beginning to show up at an increasing number of public locations. The folks there recently shared a list of every place people can find the game to drop some quarters into right now. There's two locations in Wisconsin, two in Pennsylvania, two in Texas and one in Michigan so far.

Hopefully the number of Labyrinths out there continues to increase as the company gets games out. I'd need to play this game, but have yet to do so. I missed the one at Kickback Cafe by a matter of days on my last road trip.

Labyrinth machines are popping up in a number of places for public play! If you want to try your hand at navigating the Labyrinth, here are a few options:

-I/O Arcade Bar in St. Madison, Wisconsin

-Lumberjack Johnny's - Appleton in Appleton, Wisconsin

-61 PinBar in Sunbury, Pennsylvania

-Kickback Pinball Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

-The Coin Slot in Traverse City, Michigan

-Wormhole Pinball in Houston, Texas. Open for public play during IFPA tournaments.

-Joystix Classic Games & Pinballs in Houston, Texas. Open to the public the first and last Friday of each month.

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You can also play it at Tepeyolot Cerveceria in Jacksonville, Fl


David Oshefsky
David Oshefsky
Nov 23, 2023

Whoooo Hoooo!!!! Lumberjack Johnny's!! We love the game.


Derek Raabe
Derek Raabe
Nov 21, 2023

Hopefully this is a good sign that the shipping is going off without a hitch!! Not too sure where I am on the list, but I have my preorder with all the additional upgrades


Now it just needs to be available in my home! I’ll invite the public to come by! UNBOXING PARTY!!

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