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Barrels of Fun Shares Pictures of Labyrinth Pinball Production: Implements Improvements

Several days ago Barrels of Fun, maker of the brand new Labyrinth pinball machine, provided an update on the game. As I mentioned last week, the Company had four machines at last weekend's Houston Arcade Expo for the public to play.

Based on feedback and data received from so many games being played both at the Chicago Pinball Expo and now on location at a number of arcades across the United States, Barrels of Fun has implemented fixes for a couple of minor issues on all games that are leaving the factory, including a "sticky ball trap in front of the spinner" and an "occasional ball escape from the left ramp." The owners of any games that have already shipped will be sent the fixes directly. The implementation of these fixes may have caused a slight delay in the shipment of some games, but games have already started to ship out again this week.

Below are several pictures of Labyrinth being produced at the Barrens of Fun factory, of the new fixes that have been implemented and of people playing the game at the Houston Expo over the weekend.

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