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Behind-the-Scenes Look at Stern Pinball’s Huge New Factory

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! It's fitting that I start off the 2024 news cycle here with an article about Stern Pinball, the big dog in the industry - and if I've heard correctly the first company to show off a new pinball machine this year (cough, tomorrow, cough).

A couple of days ago, Stern shared an awesome video on its YouTube channel titled "The Move." It shows a behind-the-scenes look at the Company's recent move to its huge new factory. I'm always a sucker for factory photos, and there's a TON of good footage of that here. Check them all out below.

Also, I have a question for everyone. You know how Stern uses internal code names for its pinball machines, like the code name for

Jurassic Park was "Jaws"? What was the code name "Chewy" used for? I don't remember that one. There's a reference to the wiring for "Chewy Pro" in one of the scenes in the video.

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ACDC- Grinder

Metallica - James

Star Trek - Bill

Walking Dead - Dinner Time

Game of Thrones - Politico

Kiss - Star

Ghostbusters -Harold

WWE - Dudes

Mustang - Biscuit

Aerosmith - Toys

Star Wars - Donut

Batman66 -Shark

GotG - Furry Hats

BKSoR- Paris

Maiden - Egypt

Munsters - Grandpa

Stranger Things - Goonies

Jurassic Park - Jaws

TMNT - Jason

Deadpool - Guy

Elvira - Curves

Avengers Infinity Quest - Watson

Beatles - Purple Martin

Star Wars ”The Pin” - Munchkin

Led Zeppelin- Ranger

The Mandolorian- Jennie

Godzilla - Spectre

Jurassic Park “The Pin” - Minnow

Rush - Finn

James Bond - Stick

Bond 60th - Twig

Foo Fighters - Falcon

Venom - Chewy


Figures nobody really knew that, since hardly anyone owns a Venom! What’s with Stern and themes with sharp teeth characters anyway?


01 de jan.

Chewy was the code name for Venom

Knapp Arcade
Knapp Arcade
01 de jan.
Respondendo a

Ahhhh. Thanks!

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