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Behind-The-Scenes Look at the New Games From Stern, American & Jersey Jack Pinball

As a connoisseur of all things pinball, I always keep tabs on manufacturers' social media pages. I've come across a couple of cool behind-the-scenes looks at the newest games on the market over the past couple of days to share with everyone.

A little while ago, Stern Pinball posted a really cool look at the making of Zombie Yeti's incredible art on its new Foo Fighters pinball machine. They even included a brief quote from the man himself discussing a few of the hidden Easter eggs in the art:

"I’m proud of it all. I loved that we were able to put the band rocking on a flying giant robot fist, getting the Overlord disguised as Gary Stern hidden under the upper flipper, having the overdrive foot peddle insert slightly hidden under the left flipper… just lots of little things that all add up… I also loved making the toy cabinet idea. The idea of mixing all these things together just made for a lot of positive momentum throughout. One good idea snowballs if you do it right ;)"

Below are some of the early sketches for Foo Fighters and the hidden objects.

Next up we have American Pinball. this morning AP shared two pictures from the making of the live action scenes in its newest game, Galactic Tank Force. The pics show Professor Plotnik, played by Jeff Hoover, and Empress Annoya, played by Kerri Ann Hoskins, filming a scene in front of a green screen.

Last but not least we have Jersey Jack Pinball. You know how I love a good look at games on the line at pinball factories. JJP has shared a bunch of production pictures of its newest game The Godfather over the past several weeks.

Early Stern Pinball Foo Fighters sketches and Easter eggs:

Pictures of American Pinball filming live action scenes for Galactic Tank Force:

A look at Jersey Jack Pinball manufacturing The Godfather:

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