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Big New Code Updates for Dutch Pinball's Big Lebowski and Stern Pinball's James Bond

Dutch Pinball and Stern Pinball just gave owners of their machines an early Christmas present in the form of big new code updates for the Big Lebowski and James Bond pinball machines.

The new Big Lebowski code update (Version 1.10) comes on the heels of its previous super well-received code drop for the game. It provides a number of new game modes for the machine that can be accessed through a new menu, including a "Bowling Challenge" that allows people to play a full 10 frame game of bowling, the ability to jump straight to the machine's new "The Dude Abides" Wizard Mode and a new jukebox-like "Music Player" in addition to other bug fixes and improvements. Hat tip to my friend Gil Velez for the heads up on the Lebowski update.

Here's the full list of changes in the new Lebowski code:



  • Added the "Game Mode Menu". During attract mode, press both flipper buttons for 1 second to open this new menu.

    • Regular Game: Play a regular game, also if the machine is normally set to tournament play.

    • Tournament Game: Play a game without random Mystery Awards, instead they are handed out in a fixed order per level.

    • The Dude Abides Challenge: Play the Wizard Mode "The Dude Abides" as a separate 1-ball challenge.

    • Bowling Challenge: Play a full 10 frame bowling game and aim for the perfect 300 score. Also works without balls in the trough / upright playfield to test your bowling alley.

    • Music Player: Listen to all of the games' music.

  • Added 7 adjustments to disable or otherwise tweak the Game Mode Menu: "Adjustment Menu -> Game Mode Menu".

  • Added "Bowling Loop Champion" for the most mini playfield ramp loops during a game. Also an icon + counter is now shown after you have spelled BOWLING.

  • Added "Bowling Challenge Champion" & "The Dude Abides Challenge Champion" for the highest corresponding scores.

  • Added 3 adjustments to "Adjustment Menu -> Pricing / Awards" for the new Champion spots.

  • Added submenu "Adjustment Menu -> Pricing / Awards -> Bowling Score Awards" with separate award settings for bowling scores reached during a normal game.

  • After reaching a highscore/champion spot and selecting a profile afterwards, the score and title with the selected credentials are now shown again to celebrate the moment.

  • The bowling release coil will retry releasing the ball if the ball is not released (as sensed by the Bowling Return switch).

  • Tweaked The Dude Abides dynamic lightshow.


  • Ballsearch was not enabled (now is) for Multiball, Nihilist Showdown and The Dude Abides Multiball. Character Multiball and normal Multiball when awarded through mystery were the only multiballs with ballsearch enabled.

  • Fixed "Scoop (opto)" (which is a future hardware replacement) showing up as unused in Test Report. Because there are two possible scoop switches, now only the switch that has been activated last is checked.

  • Fixed the delayed flipper mode at the end of Dude Abides Multiball no longer working since 1.01.

  • Fixed some audio slip ups in Family Mode (Mark It Zero final animation and Walter's shabbos rant) and removed an f-bomb quote from the random attract mode quotes.

  • When USB export goes wrong, the [EXPORTING] message wouldn't be cleared. Now [USB STICK ISSUE] will be shown.

  • The mystery award animation could be "skipped" repeatedly, restarting part of the animation and the award callout.

  • When draining your last ball in The Dude Abides (Phase 1 or 2) with just having bowled, the pins that were hit would stay up.

  • Make sure a ball is loaded into the bowling launcher at the end of The Dude Abides Phase 2.

Late yesterday, Stern Pinball rolled out new code (Version 0.80) update for its newest pinball machine, James Bond. I'm sure that owners who were able to get their machines before Christmas and New Years will be thrilled that the game will be a little fuller now. Below is a long list of what the latest update includes, courtesy from the "Read Me" file for the Limited Edition version from Stern's website:

LE/PRE V0.80.0 - December 22, 2022

 -  Fixed a bug where SPECTRE Weapons would reset after 4 modes were played instead of 5.
 -  Fixed a bug in Radio Reconnaissance where the game played the wrong award
    speech phrase after making 4 award shots.
 -  Added award speech to Radio Reconnaissance for finishing the mode.
 -  Added "Green" arrows to the Feeding Frenzy award lightshows.
 -  Changed adjustment mode names to be consistent with the actual mode names that appear
    during game play.
 -  Enhanced the Feeding Frenzy background/award lightshows.
 -  Now it takes 9 shots to complete Diamonds of Destruction.
 -  Changed the rules for Diamonds of Destruction.  The Left Eject, Center Shot, and Right
    ramp are lit for an award.  One of the three shots is blinking and is worth a 2X score
    award.  The spinner moves the blinking shot.
 -  Changed the rules for Feeding Frenzy.  Make 9 drop target/rocket hits to complete the mode.
    Hitting the Rocket awards 2X scores (and resets the drop targets) while a hitting a drop target
    awards a 1X score. (Note: hitting 2 drops at once  awards a single 1X score).   Default time to
    finish the mode is 40 seconds.
 -  Bird One Multiball is disabled from advancing while Feeding Frenzy is active.
 -  Fixed a bug where the display would temporarily display a Gray Screen when transitioning
    from one display effect to another.
 -  Added flash sequence to the Deadly Dagger award videos
 -  Added Follow-Up mode completion videos and synced speech to Diamonds of Destruction
    and Deadly Dagger.
 -  Changed the ending video graphics sequence for completing Diamonds of Destruction.
 -  Changed the rules for Death by Derby.  Now the side ramp is lit for a 2X countdown award
    while the DB5 is lit for a 1X countdown award.
 -  Now the Q-Branch Timer is displayed in both background/award display effects.
 -  Changed the rules for Troublesome Tarantulas.  Now the side ramp is lit for
    a 2X countdown award while the right ramp is lit for a 1X countdown award.
 -  Added logic to the Deadly Dagger background lamp effect to better render solid/blinking
    arrow lights.
 -  Changed the alternate Deadly Dagger background video clip to be more immersive.
 -  Now the Deadly Dagger blinking arrow shot scores 2X.
 -  Added logic to play an alternate Deadly Dagger background video clip.
 -  Changed Deadly Dagger SFX/music/speech to have different volume levels.
 -  Added logic to Sinister Summit to ignore recent rocket hits.
 -  Added time to Deadly Dagger Countdown.
 -  Updated Deadly Dagger artwork to sync with gunshot SFX timing.
 -  Removed a SFX  from the Deadly Dagger award.
 -  Added synced Deadly Dagger SFX, speech, and background/award videos and accompanying
    game logic.
 -  Default time for Deadly Dagger is now 24 seconds (+4 second intro).
 -  Fixed an Arrange Usual Reception Please looping background video.
 -  Added louder/reworked Arrange Usual Reception Please Award SFX.
 -  Added Arrange Usual Reception Please Award SFX.
 -  Fixed a bug in Arrange Usual Reception Please where the first digit of some score awards
    was not being displayed.
 -  Changed score award animations that play during a Feeding Frenzy display award.
 -  Fixed a bug where the follow-up speech in Diamonds of Destruction played the wrong
    speech phrase.
 -  Added a new/longer Deadly Dagger tune.
 -  Added a looping background satellite video to Diamonds of Destruction.
 -  Added Deadly Dagger as an available SPECTRE weapon.
 -  Added Diamonds of Destruction Intro/Award/Total SFX.
 -  Added logic to combine the award/total display effect for Deadly Dagger.
 -  Added logic to handle active modes when multiball events start.
 -  Added a new Diamonds of Destruction tune.
 -  Changed which score award animations are shown during Diamonds of Destruction.
 -  Removed unused sound calls from Diamonds of Destruction.
 -  Added an additional Diamonds of Destruction award video (and accompanying speech).
 -  Now the Diamonds of Destruction background video display effect will play a video clip
    based upon the progress of completing the mode.
 -  Updated a Femme Fatale looping background video.
 -  Added synced speech to the Diamonds of Destruction mode display effects including
    start/award/background/total/followup speech calls.
 -  Changed default time to complete the Diamonds of Destruction mode.
 -  Added Intro/award/total video clips for Diamonds of Destruction
 -  Added Diamonds of Destruction speech FX.
 -  Added Diamonds of Destruction as an available Villain mode (i.e. collect Mr. Henderson)
 -  Added logic to the Diamonds of Destruction rule to display the intro, 8 new display awards,
    and a new completed/total display effect.
 -  Villain and Henchman modes now use the correct mode color in the status bar for the
    Mode Start wizard rule screen.
 -  Fixed mode names for Bath-O-Sub Bash and Radioactive Reconnaissance start display effects.
 -  Updates to Sinister Summit mode
    - Hitting the tank target locks shots in. These shots score like normal mode shots.
    - Added background additional light effects to indicate which shots are locked in
      with a pulsing light effect.
    - Updated the roving shot arrow to skip shots that are locked in. Tank target cannot
      lock in shots when the roving arrow could not move to a new shot.
    - The tank target will no longer add shots when the number of shots lit on the playfield
      would exceed the number remaining in the mode.
    - Shooting the roving shots when the shots are "maxed" will remove the last roving shot added via the tank target.
    - Added the Rocket Shot - Moves shots clockwise by 1.
    - Added support for the "earliest" shot for bonus scoring.
    - Added tracking for most recent earliest shot with shots shifting when the rocket is hit.
 -  Changed Grand Champion (and other highest score initials to GG/George).
 -  Added logic to limit the amount of time the Bottom Lane Up Post is raised during Ball Search.
 -  Removed the magnet from being turned on during Jetpack Motor Test.
 -  Now the Jetpack diagnostic text waits for startup to finish and clears "Finding Home" time out errors.
 -  Added a revised Feeding Frenzy Intro SFX to better match the intro display visuals.
 -  Fixed a bug where the Jetpack did not pick up the ball at the start of Jetpack Multiball, i.e.
    the back panel up post released the held ball too early.
 -  Added new Feeding Frenzy background music (with water SFX mixed into the music).
 -  Added Feeding Frenzy award SFX.
 -  Added score animations to Feeding Frenzy
 -  Added score animations to Arrange Usual Reception Please.
 -  Added Feeding Frenzy intro/completed speech/video assets and associated logic.
 -  Changed Feeding Frenzy synced award speech to better match associated videos.
 -  Added Feeding Frenzy award/follow-up speech assets and logic to play the assets.
 -  Added revised Feeding Frenzy award videos.
 -  Added logic to insure the rocket hit progress display effect is displayed for a minimum of 1.5 seconds.
 -  Added a new Rocket Fly-in video (seen when hitting the rocket).
 -  Installed a new Feeding Frenzy looping background display effect video.
 -  Added Arrange Usual Reception Please & Feeding Frenzy to the list of available modes to play.
 -  Fixed a rocket display effect priority.
 -  Fixed an issue where super pop hits remaining was being displayed instead of progress towards
    lighting Q Branch.  This occurred while super pops were active.

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