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John Wick Pinball Will be at Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show; Pricing Unchanged

As we anxiously wait for Stern pinball to reveal its next cornerstone game, John Wick, on Tuesday word is out tonight that a whopping ten John Wick machines will be available for the public to play at the upcoming Northwest Pinball and Arcade show. A mix of both Premium and Pro machines will be at the event.

The Northwest show takes plays from June 7th through the 9th at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. The ten pins will be in the Marco Pinball and Next Level Arcade booth.

Beyond the John Wicks, the event will feature more than 400 games on free play all weekend.

Also of note regarding John Wick, I’m hearing that the pricing for the game remains the same as the last release: $6,999 for the Pro, $9,699 for the Premium and $12,999 for the Limited Edition.

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Well, I'm probably going to the show, so I'll chime in on JW if I DO get up there..I'm very curious about the machine, but only to play (for now).


Stern really needs to drop prices. Demand is going down and stock is sitting. The LE market is dead and prices on secondary market are dropping as are premiums.

We are paying more and getting less. Just not excited for pinball reveals anymore.

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