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Big Stern Pinball Code Update Rolls Out Final Wizard Modes for Godzilla and Rush Pinball Machines

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Earlier today Stern Pinball dropped code updates for all 17 of its Insider Connected pinball machines. The main change in code for most of the games was an update to its Insider Connected system that fixes the game reset issue that some individuals were experiencing. None of the other games that I personally own really had much in the way of new code, however the much anticipated Wizard Modes were added to the company's newest (until this Thursday) games Godzilla and RUSH. The new 2012 and Kong of the Monsters Wizard Modes are described below in excerpts from Stern's Read Me files:


" - Added 2112 Wizard Mode

- Lit from achieving 2112 time machine years in addition to playing

both Cygnus wizard modes.

- Starts at the Time Machine.

- 3 Minute I. Overture phase to build jackpots.

- 6 Balls in play with unlimited ball save time.

- Each movement's jackpot locks in every 30 seconds.

- After 3 minutes, the player plays through the movements until time runs

out, they lose all balls in play, or they beat the Grand Finale.

- Start in II. The Temple of Syrinx and play through VII. Grand Finale.

- Each phase shows the number of shots needed for an add-a-ball and the

number of shots needed to beat the movement.

- An additional add-a-ball is awarded for completing a movement.

- All shots must be completed before the music in a movement ends.

- The mode ends if a player drains all balls in play."


- added this final wizard mode that is qualified by playing Planet X, Monster Zero, and Terror of Mechagodzilla.

- Part 1 - single ball - Mothra outlane spotted, Rodan will not carryover into mode

- All Tier 1 monster battle shots are stacked.

- Defeat all monsters in 60 seconds +5 seconds for each city controlled. (60-80)

- Bounty value increases by value of each shot.

- Each defeated monster adds time and bounty X.

- Draining or running out of time starts Part 2.

- Part 2 - 4 ball multiball - Mothra outlane and Anguirus Add-A-Ball spotted.

- Shoot Under Flipper to light: 3 inserts (Advance Rampage, Tank, Arrow)

- Shoot Left Ramp to light: 3 inserts (Advance Train, Tank, Arrow)

- Shoot Building to light: 5 inserts (Damage Meter Low, Damage Meter

Mid, Damage Meter High, Light Destruction Jackpot, Arrow)

- Shoot Center Spinner to light: 7 inserts (Tesla Strike, Tank, Arrow, 1, 2, 3, Heat Ray)

- Shoot Right Ramp to light: 2 inserts (Tank, Arrow)

- Shoot Big Loop to light: 2 inserts (Destruction Jackpot, Arrow)

- Shooting all 22 shots will light the Scoop for Bounty Collect x number of

balls in play

- Draining down to single ball is allowed

- Anguirus will be automatically summoned if not used within 20 seconds of

reaching single ball play

In addition to the Wizard Modes, both games received a bunch of new Insider Connected achievements for players to shoot for.

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