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Brand New Scott Danesi Multimorphic P3 Game Final Resistance Now Shipping

The cool new Multimorphic P3 game module Final Resistance, created by the beloved pinball person Scott Danesi - of Total Nuclear Annihilation, Rick & Morty fame, has now begun to ship!

Final Resistance is the P3's 7th Full Game Kit. For those of you who aren't familiar with the game from its launch promotion, I have included a brief description, pictures and teaser video of it below:

It delivers fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping gameplay with a wide variety of flowing shots and interactive toys. Music from creative director, Scott Danesi, artwork from Jonathan Bergeron, rules by Bowen Kerins, software, light shows, and graphics by Michael Ocean and Rory Cernuda, and mechanical engineering by TJ Weaver combine to immerse you into the story of the game, a battle against the powerful invaders!

While continuing to leverage the unrivaled innovations of the P3 Platform, Final Resistance also uses the playfield display to deliver a mostly traditional pinball experience, resulting in another unique P3 game and an excellent addition to everybody's P3 game library.

The kit is available for sale for $3,400 on Multimorphic's website:

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