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Chicago Gaming Company Pulp Fiction LEs are Scheduled to Ship In…

Chicago Gaming Company, the manufacturer of various Bally Williams pinball remakes and most recently Pulp Fiction pinball, has sent out a production update to its distributors. Everyone has been waiting with baited breath for an update on their Bad Mother Flipper Linited Edition games. Well here it is. According to CGC, its goal is to ship Pulp Fiction LEs…

“…over the course of late September, October and early November.”

According to CGC all 1,000 LE units are sold out and it is not accepting new orders.

Chicago Gaming will soon order the necessary parts for its next batch of SE Pulp Fictions, which is expects to ship out during the fourth quarter of 2024. CGC does have SE machines available to ship in July. The lead time is currently one week for regular SE machines and two weeks for units it’s with the dollar bill coin doors.

After July, CGC is going to ship international games. So any SEs ordered after that will be on hold until after LE production.

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Someone lost a bet on Pinside lol. However it wouldn’t surprise me if they bumped to to Dec Jan. Hopefully what the ‘rumor’ is, is true!

Jun 26
Replying to

This is definitely what CGC told distros directly yesterday. Whether they miss their own self-imposed target is hard to say.


Thank the Lord.

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