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Chicago Gaming Company’s Expanded Code for Cactus Canyon Remake Estimated to Arrive Summer 2024

Earlier today, Raw Thrills' Josh Sharpe, who derives from pinball royalty, runs the IFPA and has been intimately involved in the creation of the upcoming Pulp Fiction pinball machine and the upcoming expanded code for Chicago Gaming Company's Cactus Canyon remake, stated on the Pinside message boards that based on the current pace of work he estimates that the expanded code will be ready sometime this upcoming summer. Specifically he said:

I've been super excited to see the resources CGC has committed to the update the last 5 months. The weekly updates I get bring a smile to my face every single time.

If I had to estimate a time when it'll be done I'd say this upcoming summer, but that's really just a guess based on the pace I'm seeing things come together.

I can't wait to see all of the cool stuff that he and the late Lyman Sheats had in mind to take Cactus Canyon to the next level, both in terms of the expanded code and the new hardware component.

The last time I shared one of Josh's helpful updates here (he doesn't have to do them) some folks on Pinside ripped me apart with a "Shame on Knapp Arcade" for talking about his update and sharing it with a wider audience. Before you folks go and do that again, note that I spoke with Josh not long after that and he basically laughed and said that he doesn't give a sh*t :)

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Marshall Dickson
Marshall Dickson
09. Okt. 2023

Wild, I was anticipating and dismissing the endless possibility of this happening with Nick Lombardo of Arcade Hunters just last night. Guess we should talk about the next CGC remake tonight and see what Josh has for us tomorrow!

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