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Deeproot Pinball “Check Back Soon For Something Interesting”

As hard as it is to believe, this evening the website for the shuttered pinball company, Deeproot Pinball, is back up. It displays the company’s logo followed by this strange code:


Apparently the string of characters is hexadecimal, which translates to the following:

"Check Back Soon For Something Interesting"

It’s pretty mind boggling to me that something might rise from this Deeproot mess, and I've been toying with the idea of writing about this for a while, but there has been rumblings that Chris Turner, the owner of Turner Logic, the IT company that Robert Mueller was using to code Deeproot’s never-produced pinball machines, is up to something.

Blueberry Johnson has shared a number of documents with me and on Pinside that clearly show that not only did Turner purchase thousands of dollars worth of assets in the recent Deeproot auction, including the RAZA pinball machines and much more, but he also has been in direct contact with the bankruptcy lawyers regarding purchasing Deeproot's Intellectual Property.

It blows my mind that the programmer, who was never even able to successfully code Deeproot's prototype RAZA machines, thinks that he would be able to raise a company that tens of millions of dollars, many seasoned pinball veterans and dozens upon dozens of other employees couldn't get to succeed from the dead...but that may be what's happening here.

I guess that we'll stay tuned...



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