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Despite Earlier Speculation, Cactus Canyon LEs Aren’t Close

Once Chicago Gaming Company hit the 500 unit mark on the Cactus Canyon SE, many, including myself, had speculated that the LE machines would be coming soon. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to a presentation a little while ago by Chicago Gaming’s Butch Peel at this weekend’s Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show the company still does not have the necessary parts to produce the elusive toppers for the Limited Edition version of Cactus Canyon. There’s some speculation at this point that CGC may not begin to produce LEs until August at the earliest. Time will tell.

The rest of Butch’s presentation was similar to the one that he gave at the Texas Pinball Festival a couple of months ago. Here’s a few neat slides from it showing the SE in production. Unfortunately I missed the live broadcast of the talk, which aired on Geek Gamer TV’s YouTube channel (link below). I was out playing location pinball with my youngest son. Hopefully there will be a replay. In the meantime, you can check out the pinball tournament play live from the show:

Dyl and I playing Cactus Canyon SE & Mando this afternoon

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