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Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Chicago Caming Cactus Canyon LEs are Shipping...Slowly

There's been a lot of talk lately about the lack of Limited Edition versions of Chicago Gaming Company's Cactus Canyon pinball machine that have been shipping from the factory, and after the myriad of delays perhaps rightfully so. Despite the slow pace of shipments, and rumors to the contrary Cactus Canyon LEs are shipping.

The Chicago-area distributor Great American Pinball, recently shared this picture of a newly arrived Cactus Canyon LE on its Facebook page. Previously, the vast majority of Cactus Canyon LEs have gone to the distributor Planetary Pinball, so it's nice to see another distributor get some.

I'm sure that the year and a half wait has been frustrating for people who ordered the game, but man look at this thing. It's gorgeous! It's making me wish that I had one on order lol. Of course, I'm too cheap to buy toppers on a game that plays exactly the same as a base one and my basement arcade doesn't have clearance for it, but it I was going to get a game with a topper...this would be it.

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