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Details on American Pinball's Galactic Tank Force From Its Legendary Designer

Yesterday, the legendary pinball designer Dennis Nordman shared a little more insight on the latest game that he has designed, American Pinball's (AP) Galactic Tank Force (GTF) on social media. According to Dennis, the version of Galactic Tank Force that was shown off in AP's Saturday teaser video was the Limited Edition trim. The game will also come in a standard cabinet for consumers who like to have a uniform lineup of pinball machines in their game rooms. Dennis also stated that GTF will be available for sale from American Pinball by the end of March.

"Finally! I can show what I've been creating, on and off, for the past few years. This is the cabinet for my new game, Galactic Tank Force. Of course it didn't get to to this point without the help of many other talented people. This is the cabinet in its folded up position. It opens to reveal a pinball game inside. This is the Limited Edition for those who have the room and want something cool looking for their game rooms. It also comes in a standard cabinet for those who like to have a line up of pin games. Will be available for sale by the end of March."

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