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Details on & Pictures of Stern Pinball's New James Bond Accessories

I've always been bad at waiting to give my friends and family gifts. I'll see something months before Christmas that I know someone will like, so I buy it with the intention of giving it to them for the holiday, then I get so excited that I give it to them right away when it arrives LOL. That's what is happening with this article as well. The right way to publish news and to work social media is to sit on a cool post until a high traffic time of the day / week and to space out your posts. Well, so much for that. I have news on all of the cool accessories that Stern Pinball is going to launch for its new James Bond pinball machines very soon, again courtesy of the Super Awesome Pinball Show George Gomez interview.

The accessories are basically the same for all four Stern James Bond pins. The topper is not nearly as extravagant as the company's recently released fancy topper for The Mandalorian. It also will probably be less expensive. However, it is cooler than it appears in the static images. It contains a ton of multi-color LEDs that glow in the color of the corresponding mode in the game when active. The Bond machines already have so much going on that Stern wanted to do something a little quieter with the topper.

The art blades for the Bond machines are made from Ken Adams' concept art sketches. The accessory art blades that are sold for the Pro and Premium are made from a different set of sketches than the blades that the Limited Edition machines come with. The art blades are not available for the special Keith Elwin Bond 60th Anniversary edition of the game because they wouldn't fit.

The shooter rod is "not terribly exciting." It consists of the Union Jack flag and the Bond 60th logo. It adds more color to the machine.

The pinball side armor has "007" laser cut into one side and the SPECTRE symbol cut into the other side.

Below is a link to the fantastic Super Awesome Pinball Show interview that this information came from:

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