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Details on Stern Pinball’s Two 2023 Cornerstone Games

Joel Engelberth of The Pinball Network and Just Another Pinball Podcast conducted a great interview with Stern Pinball's George Gomez yesterday. During the chat, George provided some details on Stern's 2023 cornerstone pinball machines.

First and foremost, Stern will only release two cornerstones next year.

The first game was designed by Brian Eddy with Dwight Sullivan on code and Zombie Yeti on art.

The second 2023 cornerstone game was designed by Jack Danger with Tanio Klyce on code and once again Zombie Yeti on art. George stated that Jack's game is "thematically a move in a different direction for us" and that "it's going to knock your socks off."

Also of note from the interview, George said that Stern may produce Stranger Things Premium again at some point in the future. And that we will probably see Insider Connected Home Leaderboards in 2023.

I have embedded the interview below. Kudos to Joel for the great questions and information.

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