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Dutch Pinball Issues Last Call for Big Lebowski?

This morning Dutch Pinball made a post on Facebook stating that while it's possible that additional production capacity may become available at some point, 2024 is likely the final production year for its beloved Big Lebowski pinball machine.

In 2024, likely Q3 or Q4, Dutch is slated to launch its second pinball machine, strongly rumored to be Back to the Future with full assets and art by Christopher Franchi.

Below is the full text of Dutch's social media post:

"Dutch Pinball is actively developing forward-looking plans set to come to completion in 2024 and 2025. As a result, we anticipate that 2024 may mark the final year of The Big Lebowski Pinball production, leading to a limited production capacity.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you promptly contact your distributor to secure a new TBL. For a list of our distributors, please visit Each distributor has a specific allotment, and these are likely to be claimed quickly, so it's important not to delay.

While it's possible that this announcement serves as the final call for TBL orders, it's primarily a precautionary measure to ensure we can fulfill all TBL orders. Should additional production capacity become available, we may offer extra allotments to distributors."

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