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Dutch Pinball Officially Releases Code Version 1.0 for The Big Lebowski, Including Full Wizard Mode

I mentioned this while the code was in Beta testing, but now it's officially here...Dutch Pinball has launched Code version 1.0 for its The Big Lebowski pinball machine and it's a big one! Check out everything that it includes:

• Wizard Mode "The Dude Abides" fully implemented! • Wizard Goals are much more reachable! • Bowling Ball perks! • Full Bowling scoring and highscores! • New Bowling challenges! • Multiball playfield multiplier up to 5X! • Side character jackpots! • More Mystery awards divided over 3 levels! • New callouts! • New music & sounds! • New animations & clips! • And much more! Please check the flowchart and changelog.

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