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Dutch Pinball Shares First Factory Livestream - Improved with New Information Directly from Dutch!

This morning Barry from Dutch Pinball, maker of The Big Lebowski pinball machine, shared the first ever livestream of its factory. It was great to see the Company's factory humming, cranking out Big Lebowskis for customers and Early Adopters. Dutch had a much bigger space and more employees than I expected. It was a very impressive operation.

Here's a few notes from the stream:

  • Dutch is currently producing around 10 games per week, or around 40 per month.

  • They have 50 EA games left to produce for the original Big Lebowski customers who are still owed games from years ago.

  • The code in the game is pretty much final at this point, other than random bug fixes.

  • Each machine contains 215 meters of wire.

  • There was a brief mention that Dutch's next game was hidden in the factory somewhere, but covered up.

I have embedded the entire video as well as a number of pictures that I grabbed from it below. Of course, I had to start the pics off with the cool shot of Barry's daughter pouring of the White Russian sculpts :).

EDIT: I spoke with Barry from Dutch Pinball this afternoon and he gave me some more cool facts about The Big Lebowski pinball machine to share with everyone:

"TBL Bill of Material Fun Facts:

(Based on a standard edition)

2,642 total parts

612 Unique parts

Of which 1,591 are fasteners (bolts, screws, nuts, washers, etc).

Keep in mind that parts like the coin door, flipper assemblies, slingshots are considered as one part. An assembled PCB is also seen as one part. Otherwise the BoM would be thousands of parts higher.

The Middle Main Board alone consists of 1,184 parts!


117 Cable sets

239 connectors

219,87 meters of wire

71,38 meters are just for the Bowling Alley! Without it the total would be less than 150 meters!


88 suppliers worldwide, of which 61 come from the Netherlands!"

Look for an amazing new pinball machine from Dutch in 2024.

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