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Dutch Pinball Teases New Brand & Upcoming Game

Updated: Mar 28

I'm in the midst of an Arcade Road Trip, but I wanted to take a second to share some breaking news with everyone.

Minutes ago, Dutch Pinball shared press release on its Facebook page:

Dutch Pinball Welcomes New Brand: DPX (Dutch Pinball Exclusive)

Herkenbosch, The Netherlands – Building on its respected presence in the pinball industry, Dutch Pinball is pleased to announce the introduction of DPX, short for Dutch Pinball Exclusive. This new sister company marks an extension of Dutch Pinball’s existing portfolio, focusing on producing limited editions of high-quality pinball machines for collectors.

Barry Driessen, founder of Dutch Pinball, in collaboration with Melvin Williams, has initiated DPX to cater to a niche market. DPX represents a commitment to the craft of pinball machine creation, combining the renowned quality of Dutch Pinball with a focus on exclusivity.

Innovation and Craftsmanship

DPX will continue to utilize the proven mechanics and electronics that fans have come to expect from The Big Lebowski™ Pinball. However, DPX aims to further refine these technologies, producing no more than 500 units of each title globally to maintain exclusivity.

Melvin Williams leads DPX’s design and engineering, bringing a fresh perspective to the development of new pinball machines. With a background in enhancing Dutch Pinball’s technologies, Melvin’s role at DPX involves pushing the boundaries of design and functionality, ensuring that each machine offers a unique experience.

Strategic Expansion

To support the launch of DPX, Dutch Pinball has acquired additional space by securing a building across the street from its current operations. This expansion doubles the production capacity, facilitating the manufacture of both DP and DPX machines more efficiently and allowing for future growth.

As DPX prepares to unveil its first title, Dutch Pinball also continues to develop its own range of machines. Further information regarding new releases under the Dutch Pinball brand will be made available towards the end of 2024.

Looking Ahead

We appreciate the ongoing support from the pinball community and are excited about the opportunities that DPX brings. This new venture allows us to explore new possibilities in pinball design and production, enhancing the collector’s experience.

For additional updates, stay tuned. We are eager to share the next chapter in our journey with you.

Barry Driessen & Melvin Brouwer-Williams

Dutch Pinball Exclusive"

In the picture below, we can see the underside of the playfield of the first Dutch Pinnall Exclusive game...which according to Kaneda's Pinball Poscast is rumored to be based on the Alice In Wonderland prototype game that was created by the much maligned John Popadiuk at Zidware. The game is well-known for its fantastic Zombie Yeti art.

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5 commentaires

Has DP fulfilled all TBL orders yet? Will it be another 5 year wait for the next table to arrive?


Will go to collectors who will pay $25k and only have 10 plays on it.


JPop gonna JPop


Nice post, but I’ll I read was machines from this new company are going to be big dollars, even more than TBL. Looks like I’ll need to seek out a nice BTTF from DataEast to get one of my dream themes, as I doubt I’ll be able to afford one from this company.

En réponse à

i doubt this is for BTTF, its probably for Alice in Wonderland

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