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Euro Pinball Corp. Making Good Use of New Factory

This afternoon Pinball Brothers shared brand new pictures of the fancy Rhapsody Limited Edition of its new Queen pinball machine on the production line...and boy there sure was a lot of them. Pinball Brothers is really taking advantage of the new larger Euro Pinball Corp. factory that it created in conjunction with Pedretti Gaming. I've been hearing good things about the improvement in the Queen sound package and code over the past several months. I'm starting to even see a few show up on location here in the United States.

Italy has a strong history with pinball, with Zaccaria producing 50 or so different machines during the 1970s and 80s, so it's great to see Euro Pinball Corp continuing that tradition. I wonder what is next for the company and factory once Queen production begins to wind down?

I know that Pinball Brothers has another licensed game in the queue next, but I wonder if Pedretti Gaming itself expands into the production of full pinball machines beyond its Williams 2.0 expansion kits? I've heard that Pedretti it has two more 2.0 kits in the works for Black Knight and High Speed, but I suppose that plan could change if the new Whirlwind Total Chaos kits don't sell well. I'd love to see Pedretti progress into manufacturing full machines. People keep saying that they will, and that makes a lot of sense given the company's production capacity and relationship with Planetary Pinball, but I do not personally have any direct knowledge that they will produce full games. I sure hope that they do. The more pinball, the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

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