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Evidence that a Jaws Pinball Machine is in the Works?

I came across an interesting discussion on Pinside this morning. A user noticed that on March 1, Universal Studios updated its trademark for Jaws to include "Pinball Machines." Now I'm not a copyright lawyer, so I have no idea of whether it is common practice in the movie industry to just make blanket trademark statements for tons of different uses. However, someone in the discussion who actually claims to be one said the following about the below Trademark screenshot:

"That Jaws filing is under 1B, which requires that they have an actual intent to use the trademark on the goods listed. It’s a pretty strong indication there’s a Jaws machine in the works."

Very interesting. There has been talk for years that Stern Pinball is going to make a Jaws pinball machine. To the point that Stern even trolled people by using "Jaws" as its internal codename for its Jurassic Park pinball machine. Is this an indication that one may be coming from Stern soon? Time will tell. Several years ago Zen studios released a number of Universal Studios virtual pinball tables for its FX3 game, including one for Jaws. So clearly Universal is open to the idea.

I think that it has the potential to be a really cool pin. Yes Jaws is an old movie, but it's iconic. Everyone knows what Jaws is and instantantly hears the "Dunna, Dunna Dunna, Dunna Dunna Dunna Dunna" Music in their head when they hear the name. What do you think about a potential Jaws pinball machine from Stern? I'd love to hear others' thoughts.

A pic of the playfield for Zen's Jaws table on FX3

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