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Famous Funspot Arcade Opens New Pinball Section

One of the first arcade road trips, that my friend Rob and I ever took and wrote up for the Knapp Arcade pages was to the huge Funspot arcade in Laconia, New Hampshire back in 2018. We had a great time and that trip inspired yearly arcade trips and write ups for years to come, heck to some degree even the expansion of my pages themselves.

This afternoon Funspot announced that it has opened a brand new sci-fi themed "Pinball Outpost" section in its already humongous arcade. The new area was previously Funspot's second floor party room. From the intital pictures that I've seen, it looks like the new area has several new Stern pinball machines and an Insider Connected video leader board as well as a number of classic pins. Looks cool!

Anyone who is interested in seeing what Funspot is like, or at least was like when I visited there years ago can click on the link below to check it out:

Knapp Arcade Road Trip to Funspot - Laconia, NH (October 2018)

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