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First Ever Picture of Mysterious Upcoming Princess Bride Pinball Machine

Here's a surprise bit of pinball news. This morning the mystery company that has been teasing an upcoming pinball machine based on beloved 1987 movie The Princess Bride sent out an e-mail to people who have signed up for its mailing list that contained the first ever picture of the game. It's just a small glimpse, but at least it's something in an otherwise quiet time for the hobby :)

This specific picture is actually courtesy of the Facebook page for Don's Pinball Podcast. I checked the Knapp Arcade e-mail inbox and for some reason I don't seem to have anything from the mysterious Company even though I was on its initial list. So kudos to Don for sharing!

I'll make sure to share any more information that I'm able to find out about the game or the Company here when I have it. Here's a link to their website for the game:

UPDATE: I've spoken with a number of people who signed up for e-mail updates on the Princess Bride website and none of them got this e-mail either, so Don must be the chosen one :). He just shared the text of the message that he received with me. Thanks Don!

"Thanks again for your interest in The Princess Bride Pinball machine. We hope you're all enjoying a happy holiday season and looking forward to an inconceivably amazing 2024!"

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