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First Look at Stern Pinball Venom Animations; “Choose Your Host. Change the Game”

This morning a short teaser featuring animations from Stern Pinball's upcoming new cornerstone pinball machine, Venom surprisingly appeared on YouTube.

I have embedded the video and a bunch of pictures from it below. The video shows us the game's tagline for the first time..."Choose Your Host. Change the Game". I assume that means that players can choose to play as several different Venomized characters, each with their own attributes.

I've heard a lot of details about the machine itself over the past several days. Venom supposedly has:

  • A fan layout.

  • Two flippers with Venom's head in between

  • Tons of characters including Doppelganger, Black Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain Americas and an number of other symbiotes

  • The game has Carnage and Dopplganger sculpts

  • Plastic ramps with decals

  • Some sort of captive ball rollercoaster up ramp thingy. You know the ramp that takes the coaster to the top of the hill before a drop? It's hard to describe but it looks cool.

  • The top part of the playfield is packed with a pretty open bottom. 3 wireforms, 2 to the left and 1 to the right

Kudos the the folks on in the Poor Man's Pinball Facebook group for finding the video. I can't wait to see this game in action. What we've seen so far looks really cool! New pinball launches rule.

UPDATE: Apparently the video has now been set to private so the embedded vid below won't work until Stern makes it public again. We still have the screenshots that I took and other details below to drool over and discuss until Stern gives us more.

UPDATE 2: I've added the Stern launch schedule for Venom that someone just sent me. As I've mentioned previously we're getting the first official full trailer for the game tomorrow.

UPDATE 3: The video is now back up. See below:

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