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First Official Stream of Eight Ball Beyond Pinball Machine

On Friday night, the Twitch Channel South Sound Pinball conducted what I believe was the first ever live stream of Sean Irby's cool new homebrew pinball machine, Eight Ball Beyond. The machine features unique gameplay and beautiful artwork by the pinball artist who worked on Stern Pinball's Jurassic Park games, Johnny Crap. Below is a link to the Twitch gameplay video below for anyone who is interested in checking it out.

EBB was recently at Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show, where it caught the attention of myriad attendees. Every time I glanced over there were people in line to play it! This is an opportunity to see some extended EBB play, and to discover the complexities and details of Sean's code.

PNW pinballers featured on this stream include: Chris Chinn, Lonnie Langford, Lauren Aquino, Ashley Weaver, Richie Terry, Kelli Goins, Levi Dittebrandt and more! (Check back soon for a full list of players!) Grab a beverage, some popcorn, and your love for all things pinball and watch these talented pinballers attempt to SHATTER THE MOON!

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