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Buy This Giant Pinball Inflatable for a Tenth of It's Original Price

Back when deals on games were plentiful and the grass was greener, I used to share good deals on games from Craigslist with people all the time. Games have gotten to be so expensive and flippers pick through Craigslist so fast now that I don't really bother any more, but this one I had to share...Check this thing out! I've seen these around from time to time, but A) I never realized how much they cost and B) I never realized how humongous they are. This monster inflatable is for sale on Craigslist in the New York area right now for $1,250. The seller claims that it cost $14,000 new and that it weights 1,200 pounds!

Hat tip to the newly retired Robert Butch (congratulations man) for the find. He's a big restorer and retailer of pinball machines. Make sure to stop by his website Butch's Game Garage to check out what he has for sale.

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