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Haggis Pinball "Moving Forward Into a Very Exciting 2024"

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Let's see if we can keep the pinball and arcade news flowing a little more frequently this week.

This morning the Australian manufacturer of the Celts and Fathom Revisited pinball machines, Haggis Pinball, shared a post containing some very cool pictures from its recent trip to the Texas Pinball Festival (has that really been three weeks ago already?). Beyond the neat pictures of the Haggis booth, the company did share one brief interesting quote:

Lots of things are going on here back at Haggis HQ, and we'll keep you up to date as we keep moving forward into a very exciting 2024.

Frequent readers of this website will recall that during the Texas Pinball Festival Marty from Haggis told Jason Young, the on the scene Knapp Arcade reporter, that Haggis is on track to finish the remainder of its run of Fathom Revisited by the end of 2023 and that the Company is aiming to announce its third pinball machine title at the upcoming Brisbane [Australia] Pinball and Arcade Show, which is scheduled to take place from July 14th through the 23rd. The new quote jibes fairly well with this earlier news. So look for a mid-2023 announcement of the next Haggis pinball title followed by production mainly in 2024.

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