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Homepin Confirms Expo Reveal of “Pinball For Non-Pinball People”

Well, we have our first official new game reveal for the upcoming Chicago Pinnall Expo...

Yesterday a new episode of the Aussie Pinball Podcast dropped on The Pinball Network. The latest episode featured talk about the recent Pinfest pinball show that took place in Newcastle Australia.

The podcast's host Dr. John included a number of great interviews in the episode. One of the first interviews (24:30 mark) was with Homepin's Mike Kalinowski, during which Mike stated that he has just paid the deposit for the license for his next pinball machine. It is an extremely well-known license that Homepin will use in a lower cost "mancave friendly machine."

During the interview Dr. John stated to Mike about the new game "and you're going to be taking that to Chicago" to which Mike replied "Absolutely." I assume that they were talking about the upcoming 2023 Expo show in October and not the 2024 show. Mike went on to describe the game as "pinball for non-pinball people."

Back in June I wrote an article here that contains more info on Homepin's upcoming third game:

Homepin Working on New Sub-$5,000 Licensed Game Based on "Extremely Famous" Movie

Later on in the episode, right around the one hour mark, Dr. John spoke with Damian Hartin about his company Haggis Pinball's first ever public showing of its next game Centaur Revisited.

During the Haggis interview Damian stated that the new expanded code for Centaur Revisited is almost four times deeper than the expanded code the Company put in its first remake, Fathom.

Below is a link to the great show for those of you who want to check it out:

This episode I’m joined by Jessy Jay after we attended Australia’s largest and longest running pinball show. We caught up with Gary Stern, Jach Guarnieri, Damien, Mike and David Hankin – Australia’s big 5 of pinball manufacturing!

We experienced the new Stern Venom Pro and Premium, the new Haggis Centaur, the new Homepin This is Spinal Tap Pinball, the new Godfather by Jersey Jack and 98 other games!

L to R: David Hankin, Gary Stern, Mike Kalinowski, Damian Hartin, Jack Guarnieri.

Aussie Pinball Podcast – Episode 17: Pinfest - LIVE From Newcastle

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Cornering a market that doesn‘t exist. Bold move sir.

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