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Jersey Jack Pinball Confirms Guns N’ Roses Code Will Receive a “Significant” Update in Q2

Updated: Mar 6

This afternoon I received an unexpected e-mail update from Jersey Jack Pinball. Titled "Quick Flips," the message shared a lot of information about the Conpany's latest game Elton John. More interestingly though, at the end of the update JJP confirmed that the greatly anticipated code update for its 2020 pinball machine Guns N' Roses 🌹will be officially released during the second quarter of 2024.

I'm sure that owners of the game will be thrilled to hear that a "significant" update for the game, with better score balancing will be coming soon. Now if owners could only get a final code update with the main Wizard mode for JJP Pirates of the Caribbean 🏴‍☠️ (2018) and we'd be in business.

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Mar 06

Meanwhile…us lowly POTC owners are left behind. It’s criminal. I will never trust JJP again. And at these prices, they can stick a fork in themselves for all I care.


The code update that's in progress for GnR is AWESOME so far. The scoring imbalance is getting fixed. If you own one, opt into the beta... it's very worth it.


So, will this update finally make the machine at least a little fun to play? I mean, maybe just a bit?

Replying to

I don't get the hate for this game. I purchased from an original owner that hated it too. I absolutely love it. I'm also new to the hobby and he is not. I'm actually in the market for another pin and having a hard time picking one because everything I try feels like it falls short of my experience with GnR.

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