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Jersey Jack Pinball Delivers Long-Awaited Code Update for Guns N’ Roses Pinball

The day that owners of Jersey Jack Pinball’s Guns N’ Roses pinball machine has arrived. As promised, this afternoon JJP released a code update, Version 3.00, for the game.

The new code includes:

“-Lots of scoring changes and balancing in Song and Album modes

-Changed scoring and rules for Slash Solo

-Mystery "light song" no longer immediately starts song

-Updated display and lamp FX for Desert Demolition

-Changed lamp FX in It's So Easy to run only when shot advances mode

-Changed score display song level to better match reality

-Tweaked timing of Mystery sound FX

-Added "Biggest Loser" Champ for uncollected Song Mode jackpot

-Added some adjustments for some game options

-And more...“

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Pirates, Pirates, Pirates.

May 09
Replying to

I agree. How can they leave a game without the final Wizard Mode? It’s not like we’re talking about Wheel of Fortune here.

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