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Jersey Jack Pinball's Elton John Collector's Edition Machines are Now on the Production Line

Earlier today, Jersey Jack Pinball shared a quick social media post showing that the Collector's Edition of its newest pinball machine Elton John is now on the production line. Alongside the games being made were the game's designer, the legendary Steve Ritchie, and the game's lead programmer Bill Grupp.

It sure looks like folks who ordered an Elton John CE will start getting their games soon!

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Steve Ritchie, best hair in pinball, prove me wrong.



My daughters and I got to play EJ PE today and boy was I wrong on this one. Was totally blown away and just had so much fun. The new flippers are a big improvement.

The light show was great and the flow was awesome. The sound wasn't turned up a lot so couldn’t hear it well enough to give an opinion on the sound quality.

Only thing that is tough to swallow is the $12k price tag and the hit JJP games take on the secondary. Market. Kaneda was right that EJ is amazing.

Feb 16
Replying to

Yeah, Elton John is definitely the best shooting JJP yet. They've made big strides with the flipper and sling strength. The layout is cool, but it's very similar to Star Trek, which I already own, and Spider-Man. It's the price that makes it a complete No for me. I don't want to drop over five figures for a pinball machine, particularly for one that's a theme that I'm just neutral on. All of the pins that I own have themes that I absolutely love.


it's great JJP gave Steve a company uniform shirt that conformed to his trademark style

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