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Joe Kaminkow Elected to Coin-Op Hall of Fame; Hint About a "Future" Stern Pinball Title?

Here's a little more smoke for the potential Back to the Future pinball machine rumor fire...

From time to time I share random pictures of pinball and arcade machines that I've found in real estate ads or articles about mansions here on the Knapp Arcade website. Well, this isn't an article about a mansion, but it sure does contain a picture of one heck of an amazing garage...that may hold a hint about a "future" Stern Pinball title.

First and foremost, congratulations to the long-time industry veteran Joe Kaminkow for his election to the first ever class of the Coin-Op Hall of Fame. Joe's connections have enabled him to license some of the greatest properties in the world for games over the years, such as Batman 66 pinball machine that was produced by Kapow and Stern Pinball several years ago.

In the picture of Joe's absolutely amazing garage, you'll notice a mural by the renowned pinball artist Christopher Franchi on the wall. Two of the main themes in the mural have already been turned into pinball machines, the aforementioned Batman 66 and more recently James Bond. Much speculation has surrounded a third movie that is shown on the wall over the past several years. Most recently, there has been talk that either Stern Pinball or Stern in conjunction with Joe Kaminkow's brand Kapow is working on bringing a Back to the Future pinball machine to the market for the year 2025, which happens to be the 40th anniversary of the 1985 movie. If Stern manufacturers Back to the Future (more likely when than if), it seems logical that Christopher Franchi would do the art for the game.

Joe Kaminkow in First Coin-Op Hall of Fame Class

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Apr 21, 2023

and the 3rd pin on that wall is Mustang ;)

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