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Josh Kugler Revealed as Programmer for Multimorphic's Next Game, Codenamed "Nitrogen"

After teasing that he has been working in the pinball industry again recently, the former American Pinball programmer Josh Kugler has been revealed by Multimorphic this morning at the programmer for the Company's next game. Kugler was pretty widely praised for his work as the lead programmer for American Pinball's games Houdini, Oktoberfest and Hot Wheels while he was with the company and for his interaction with the pinball community.

Josh has been working on the upcoming Multimorphic game, which has been dubbed project "Nitrogen" internally, since mid-2022. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out if the codename for the next game "Nitrogen" has any decipherable significance, but I can't come up with anything lol.

Between having the beloved pinball person Scott Danesi design its last module Final Resistance, the recent quality improvements and now adding a Josh Kugler to its team Multimorphic has been on quite a roll lately. Kudos to them for the smart moves.

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Kudos to Josh! AP lost a real asset when they split ways. Glad he landed at Multimorphic.


Leeloo was their 5th game kit for the 5th Element. Carbon was MM's 6th game kit, Nitrogen is their 7th game kit.

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