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LIONMAN! New Remake of Williams Swords of Fury In the Works

Here's something cool that I didn't expect to stumble across this morning. A company called Paradigm Tilt is working on a sequel to the fantastic 1988 Williams pinball machine Swords of Fury. The update to the game runs on the FAST board system and plugs into any existing Swords of Fury cabinet along with a LCD screen. No permanent changes need to be made to the machine.

Titled Swords of Vengeance, the sequel takes place 20 years after the original Swords of Fury story. Players can choose from two playable characters and visit nine different locations. Each location ends with a boss battle that players must win to earn the jackpot that they've built up. In addition to the modes, the game contains mid- and end-game Wizard Modes, two multiballs and randomly appearing threats that need to be beaten.

Other features of the new game include competitive and cooperative multi-player, a choice between story-focused and arcade-style play modes and branching story paths with six unique endings as well as hand-drawn artwork, custom callouts and an original synth soundtrack that changes as you play the game

I love the idea of creating an updated version of this classic game and the artwork looks amazing. I'm looking forward to following this project as it progresses.

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