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Marco Specialties Bringing Stern Pinball's Venom to This Weekend's Southern Fried Gaming Expo

If you've been drooling over the newest pinball machine on the market, Stern Pinball's Venom, but didn't have a chance to make it to San Diego Comic-Con last weekend to try it out, you'll have another shot this weekend. The awesome distributor and parts supplier Marco Pinball (I'm literally wearing a Marco t-shirt as I write this) is bringing a TON of Stern pinball machines to the upcoming tenth-annual Southern Fried Gaming Expo (SFGE).

Check out the digital rendering of Marco's SFGE booth that Stern Pinball shared on its Facebook page yesterday below. How cool is that? I want to go to the show just to take pictures of this awesome-looking booth lol. SFGE takes place this weekend, July 28th through the 30th in Atlanta, Georgia. Get over there and give Venom a flip!

The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo features more than 300 arcade & pinball machines, dozens of new and retro console systems, a massive tabletop library, RPGs, wrestling, music, tournaments, a vendor expo, exciting panel sessions, guest speakers, and so much more.

Game all weekend at #SFGE2023.

UPDATE: The first photo of the huge Venom entrance:

Here's the calm before the storm...

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