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Medisinyl Mods Stranger Things Lab Set Mega Mods Coming in Late June

The Pinball Network recently dropped Episode 101 of its flagship podcast "The Pinball Show" (TPS) and holy cow it was absolutely packed with tons of great pinball news. Zach, Craig Bobbie and this week's guest Greg Bone brought the heat this episode. I could do a whole series of posts on the great info from the episode (and just might lol).

Here's something that they talked about on the show that I hadn't heard about before... Medisinyl Mods recently shared a teaser for its upcoming massive mod kit for Stern Pinball's Stranger Things. I have no idea what this package will cost, but man it is loaded with cool stuff, including an Interactive Deprivation Tank mod, a Laser Emitting Security Camera Mod, Steel Grate Lab Flooring Mod, a Breathing / Pulsating Portal Gate Mod, an Illuminated Power Box Mod and supposedly even more cool stuff that was not included in the trailer below.

This kit continues the recent trend of expensive, super cool mods for pinball machines like the Elite Pinball Toppers that I wrote about again last weekend. As pinball machines become more and more expensive I suppose that it becomes easier to justify spending more money to bling them out. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics and video of these neat Stranger Things mods later this month.

Below is a link to The Pinball Network's website where you can listen to the latest episode of TPS:

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