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More Information on Ozzy Osbourne's Upcoming Stern Pinball Collaboration

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

As I mentioned in a recent post, the rock legend Ozzy Osbourne is making an appearance at the Stern Pinball booth at next week's San Diego Comic Con. Here's a blurb on the event from a recent article about the rocker:

In addition to his July 22nd appearance at Comic-Con with McFarlane, Ozzy is also separately set to participate in a signing at the Stern Pinball/Rebellion Republic booth at the same convention. Specific details of both appearances are forthcoming.

It sounds like Ozzy's main reason for attending the show is to unveil new Todd McFarlane artwork for a comic book that will be packaged and sold with special editions of his upcoming album, Patient Number 9. McFarlane also produced the new music video for the title track of Osbourne's new album. The two clearly have worked together quite a bit lately.

Given the fact that McFarlane is the creator of Venom, Stern's long-rumored next pinball machine, and the fact that he is making an appearance at Stern's booth at the show it seems likely that Venom will be revealed then. The question remains though, is Ozzy somehow involved with the new Stern game? It's tough to say, but my money is on some of his music being in the game. If The Prince of Darkness is somehow involved with the pin, I have to think that it would be a major positive for it in terms of demand.

At the very least, Stern Pinball and Ozzy Osbourne are collaborating on an autograph signing at the Stern Comic Con booth. It's possible that it's much more than that. We'll see. Now I'm really curious to see what Stern reveals next week!

Ozzy Osbourne to Make Comic-Con Debut, Unveils Alternate Cover for Patient Number 9 Album

The metal legend will appear with Todd McFarlane at the world-famous San Diego convention on July 22nd

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