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Multi-Bally 2.0 Custom Homebrew Pinball Machine that Plays Real KISS, Star Trek & Flash Gordon

Here's a cool new video that shows off Brian Cox's multi-Bally custom homebrew pinball machine. The machine has a generic cabinet that has the ability to swap playfields and code using the FAST Pinball Platform.

This particular video shows off Brian's 1978 Bally KISS 2.0 game, but he also has 2.0 remakes of Bally's 1978 Star Trek and 1981 Flash Gordon. All of the modules that Brian has created for the system have brand new CPR reproduction playfields and custom code and animations that swap right into the cabinet.

This super cool homebrew enables Brian to have a bunch of classic Bally pinball machines but it takes up only a fraction of the space.

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Is Eight Ball Deluxe in development?


16 июл. 2022 г.

I met him and played his Star Trek when I was up at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade show In guy and very cool machine; I was impressed. The detail and build quality was amazing. Even though I’m not really into the Bronze Era‘ of pins, he is onto something very innovative (almost carrying the torch from the Pinball 2000 system, which I’m currently swapping between RfM/SWep1)..his inclusion of the LCD screen with animations, callouts, etc are really quite amazing for these older machines..I wish him great fortune!


David A Popadic
David A Popadic
15 июл. 2022 г.

VERY cool.

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