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Multimorphic to Begin "The Princess Bride" Pinball Production "This Summer"

Updated: Apr 2

This morning, Multimorphic sent out one of its great frequent company updates. It contained a lot of great information, like a schedule of where consumers can see and play its products at upcoming pinball shows (see below).

For me, the biggest takeaway from the letter was that production of Multimorphic's latest game / module, The Princess Bride, will begin "this summer." The Company currently has all other game kits and P3 machines in stock, other than Final Resistance - which has a four week wait.

Regarding the recently announced improvements that Multimorphic is making to P3 machines to enhance their reliability, all machines shipped in March going forward contain the improved parts. Owners of existing P3 machines will be able to claim the improved parts by visiting the Company's website once a large shipment of parts arrives in several weeks. Multimorphic will send out an update when the order page goes live.

Multimorphic Appearance Schedule

April 5-7: Midwest Gaming Classic: Multimorphic reps: Gerry Stellenberg, Josh Kugler, and Scott Danesi.  Games: The Princess Bride and Final Resistance, 

April 4-6: Pinbrew Fest: Distributor: Justin Wise.  Games: The Princess Bride and Final Resistance

April 11-14: Pintastic: Multimorphic reps: Michael Ocean and Steve Shoyer, P3 owner: Pinball Tycoon.  Game: The Princess Bride

May 3-4: Allentown Pinfest: Distributor: Justin Wise.  Game: The Princess Bride

May 25-26: Pinball Expo Quebec (SPAC): P3 Owner: Michael Gratton.  Game: The Princess Bride

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Gerry and crew are doing great things down in Round Rock TX! I originally waited due to long lead times but I finally jumped at TPF and had my Weird Al in four days. I'm really loving it so's a real breath of fresh air in a world of otherwise diminishing pinball returns. I'm looking forward to adding more modules as my budget allows.


Gerry’s email update is an example of how pinball manufacturers need to update clients. Well done.

Gerry, you and your team have it going on big time. Congratulations on your recent success and here’s to way more!!!! The fact that The Princess Bride is now a reality in the Pinball world, everything is looking up and looking very very good indeed!!!

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