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New Pictures of Bitronic Super Hoop Pinball

The German arcade / pinball distributor Freddy's Pinball Paradise recently shared new pictures of Bitronic's new Super Hoop pinball machine on its Facebook page. The post also contained interesting information on the game's pricing and rules. Super Hoop's MSRP is

€ 4,869.75 ($5,205.84 USD), but...a whopping 19% VAT (Value Added Tax) is added to that bringing the total cost to € 5.795,00 ($6,194.94). That's a lot of tax, and we complain about sales tax on pinball machines here in the United States lol.

Everyone already knows about this game, but I continue to be fascinated by it...probably because human nature is to always want what we can't have. Someone needs to bring a few of these to the U.S. so that I can play it :). Here's the pictures, the text of the post and a link to Freddy's website:

Super Hoop is a pinball with solid workmanship and a top price/performance ratio. Already from work, it is equipped with an impressive light show and speaker lighting. Mirror panels on the inside of the housing and complete RGB lighting on and under the pitch are also part of the basic equipment. A pitch protector is not required with this pinball and nevertheless plays and dimples are history. On the pitch there is a 3 mm strong plexiglass plate, which makes the pitch indestructible.

Test play now in our showroom by appointment.

RULES: The aim is to complete the 6 main modes.

Shoot the top scoop to choose the mode.

3PT CONTEST: Collect all 5 shooting positions. Hit the points first then the basket.

SLAM DUNK: Shoot 8 Rampede.

21: Score more than 21 to complete the mode. Hit a random target on the field to earn points. Basket hits add to the total score

SKILLS: Collect 4 skills to complete the mode: Run & Gun, Pick & Roll, Assist and Crossover. Hit the basket from the left ramp to complete the mode.

HORSE: Shoot the flashing arrows to collect 5 letters and complete mode.

SUPER STARS: Complete 8 shots to complete the mode.

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