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New Pre-Production Pinball Machine Eight Ball Fury on Location; Princess Bride Stream; Turtles at Home

Once again, we're off to a very quiet start to the week for pinball and arcade-related news. So as I often do let's lump together a few smaller stories together into an article. I expect there to be much more excitement in the world of pinball next week, supposedly with even a new game release!

On Reddit this morning I came across pictures of a pre-production machine of a new game called Eight Ball Fury on location. Some of you may recall me writing about this game, which is being developed by an Australian company called Vector Pinball, here a few weeks ago. This particular machine is currently on the floor at the Australian location 1Up Arcade. Vector pinball is running a high score contest on it with a cash prize.

The Vector Pinball website lists a price of $11,900 Australian dollars for Eight Ball Fury, including a 10% tax. Backing the tax out and converting that to U.S. dollars, we're talking a little over $7,000 USD for the game, before shipping.


In other pinball news, in case you missed it, last weekend Multimorphic and Buffalo Pinball did the first gameplay stream of the new The Princess Bride pinball module for the P3. An astonishing 370,112 people tuned in to see the game in action. I have embedded a replay of the stream below for anyone who wants to check it out.


Switching over to the arcade side of things, this morning the game manufacturer Raw Thrills surprisingly announced that it is porting its popular 2017 arcade game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game over to PC and home consoles. Titled "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Wrath of the Mutants," the port is scheduled to go on sale on April 23rd for $29.99. Given the fact that this game was once an arcade-exclusive in a machine that has an MSRP of around $9,000, it's going to be pretty cool to be able to play it on my couch.


Last up, if you’ve never been to an arcade auction or even if you have and just want to see what the current market prices are like, you definitely need to check out this comprehensive video of a recent game auction that took place yesterday in Sevierville, Tennessee. I went to an auction that I believe was run by the same company in the Poconos, Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. It’s a fun experience.


Multimorphic The Princess Bride Stream:


Trailer for the new Turtles port:


Images of Eight Ball Fury on location:

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