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Pedretti Gaming is Not Remaking Bally Twilight Zone; Launches New Code for Whirlwind Total Chaos

I recently had a great conversation with the folks at Pedretti Gaming. The Company has a lot of cool projects in the pipeline, but they are not bringing anything new to the upcoming Chicago Pinball Expo and perhaps more interestingly, Pedretti is NOT working on a remake of Bally's iconic 1993 pinball machine Twilight Zone as bad been rumored at various points over the past couple of years. Given their connection through Euro Pinball Corp. I would assume that means that Pinball Brothers is not working on a Twilight Zone remake either, though I still need to confirm that part.

Last week, Pedretti rolled out a code update for its latest remake, Whirlwind Total Chaos. The game's code is now up to version 0.70. Pedretti's 2.0 pinball kits typically take 6 to 9 months to develop, so work will continue on Whirlwind 2.0 for a while longer. The Company has an interesting surprise in store for everyone that is currently scheduled for Q1 2024.

Below is some brand new footage of Whirlwind Total Chaos in action, courtesy of the awesome Pinball Palace arcade in Brunswick, Georgia. Also below are links to The Pinball Palace's and Pedretti Gaming's websites. Besides the remake kits, Pedretti sells a host of other licensed Bally / Williams mods. I just was looking around on its site and noticed a cool Twilight Zone topper that I had never seen before.

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k daniel
k daniel
Oct 10, 2023

Wow ! The Pinball Palace is Knapp Arcade famous now !!! Thanks for the mention and reposting of our video . We love these Pedretti code updates on both FunHouse and Whirlwind . Also appreciate you keeping us up to date on all things pinball !

Knapp Arcade
Knapp Arcade
Oct 11, 2023
Replying to

You’re welcome :)


That’s what they WANT you to think!

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